Tô de Saco Cheio

I'm tired of being a good girl.I'm tired of always being charged.I'm tired of always asking my opinion on a subject does not interest me.I'm tired of all my poor friends.Tired of my good friends.My family disturbs me!Do not want to be part of a fake world.Tired of such mundane matters that surround me.Dating. Studies. Boyfriends of my girlfriends.I want to give up living.I want to be able to return to my home without giving any explanation of where I was.I want to be able to have power.Please do not pessa counties that do not know to give them.Stop futility so close to me.No more prejudice.I just want to live my life without having to hassle with these intruders who surround me.!

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  1. Tati says:
    11 de abril de 2010 23:03

    é eu tbm to de saco cheio viu

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